Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Trouble in Paradise........... price action confirms high probability of equity market reversal point...... continued

 same median lines as in previous posts but with small adjustment in the emini Dow top pivot ( see previous posts)

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Trouble in paradise continued continued

 Gold making its way up to test 1800

all above are from yesterday 3rd May 2021

Below are today's confirming charts showing price action- same Median Lines/Pitchforks and reaction lines as i drew on charts weeks ago. Look at price action against the lines! Todays move confirms our trade entry. Look at the "waterfall" stochastics ribbons in the daily ESM1 chart and also the MACD showing lower high against price making painful higher highs at the end of last week.

The Non Farm Payrolls for April are out on Friday May 7th! That's in 3 days. Looking to see price rally tomorrow and then dump down Thursday & Friday. Our objective is the centre lines seen in previous posts with same heading ( Trouble in paradise) and the big gap 4015-4020 ESM1.