Thursday, 30 July 2020

US Dollar index USDX ( USDXU20)

 The above PF is on todays 5 min chart. This PF below is the "big picture" showing us the target of 89-90 in coming weeks/months.
Check out my last post..........SPX..........Now look at same PF in weekly and  daily TF and also a 60 min PF in S& P
Firstly the current 60 min PF. No idea of price will break down to CL
 Now the big mother! same as previous post which picked the 2020 low and showed you and my subs in real time on march 20th- 23rd.
 Gaps always get filled but the bigger the time frame and also the gap the longer it can take. Some take years. There is no guarantee the one shown here will be filled before we start down.