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Metals Procurement


 Metals and Minerals Procurement

Drawing on many years of professional experience working at some of the worlds leading banks and financial houses (Conti Commodites, EF Hutton, Merrill Lynch,Credit Lyonnais) and with combined experience of both derivative and physical commodity markets I have offered a commodity consultancy service for agricultural commodities, minerals and non ferrous metals since 2005,facilitating direct and transparent contact between the buyer and end seller/producer.

Our network of sellers includes mining companies, cooperatives, mills, smelters and trading companies based in South America,USA and Africa (metals and ores). One of our major strengths being the ability to mediate between the primary market (closed to all but major market participants/producers) and the secondary market where vast quantities of spurious bids and offers circulate along with the very worst that our internet age has created. Our seller relationships allows buyers to interface with both primary and top tier secondary market participants of high professional standing in many markets including grains,primary base metals and ferrous scrap products. All sellers we propose are proven sellers with who we have confirmed trading history. Recent activity in the secondary market for ferrous and non ferrous metals has extended our portfolio of commodities to which we are proud to offer buyers access to non LME reg copper cathodes from bona fide African sellers. Since 2013 Copper has become my core activity accounting for 90% of the business conducted.
With a proven track record our service enables us to offer the buyer direct acces to the most competitive CIF or FOB or Ex Works prices and deal directly with the end sellers and owners/title holders of the product. We take pride in our professional ability to introduce our buyers towards the safest & most professional seller and are committed to help our clients make profitable and prudent and above all risk managed choices and decisions for both short and long term contracts.
I have concentrated on developing long term relationships in the African copper and mineral supply chain. I consider it is important to master a specific market such as copper cathodes and to be confident with all aspects of this industry and to share expertise and our proven sellers.
While offering a discreet,professional and dynamic service we simply ask to be judged on the final result: Competitive pricing and a transparent and seamless and safe contract procedure process conducted with highly professional sellers and where all parties are fully proficiant in international trade. To successfully facilitate any deal the intermediary must also know when to stand back and allow direct contact between both primary parties.The strength of our seller relationships means this direct contact between buyer and seller carries no risk of circumvention and indeed I believe it is a critical element in the art of closing a successful copper cathode deal. Physical commodity trading is a documented analogue process with no digital instant execution (as availible in the futures markets) and both buyer and seller must proceed with complete confidence in each others ability to forfill their obligations. It is for this reason we perform comprehensive due diligence on all buyer enquiries and ask for corporate information & background history on the buyer. All our sellers will provide fully documented profiles and are available for introductory conference calls to answer any buyers questions and concerns. Offers are only issued by sellers directly to named end buyers. For many of our suppliers the process starts with KYC forms for buyers to complete.


We invite end buyers to contact us for full offer details  
Whatsapp:+33 778547958

Current Offers (January 2018)

CIF Copper Cathodes, NON LME. 99.99% (rejection below 99.97%)
Origin: Africa (DRC/Zambia)
500 to 2500 MT per month. Minimum Trial of 500 MT accepted.
This trusted international seller offers DLC payment at Port of destination  by MT 103 against SGS by DLC. For payment with NON transferable LC  plus 2% PB .

Ex Works Steinweg Copper Cathodes: Non LME 99.99%
Origin: Africa (DRC/Zambia)
Steinweg Bridge shipping Warehouse, Ndola. Zambia

Ex Works Steinweg Copper Cathodes: Non LME 99.99%
Origin: Africa (DRC/Zambia)
Steinweg Group Warehouse, Durban. South Africa.

In 2016 we are pleased to have facilitated the sale of:

3450 MT of African cathodes Grade A non LME CIF deliveries
150 MT LME reg cathodes European warehouse (LME approved)
1100 MT of African cathodes Grade A non LME Ex works Tanzania and Zambia.

For further details please contact:  
Whatsapp:+33 778547958