Thursday, 28 March 2013

emini S&P

 See how this pattern has developed between an uplsoping RL ( red) and Green PF (P0 4th Feb 1490.25, P1 20th feb 1529.75, P2 25 feb 1481.75). The downsloping reaction line seen in middle of the chart draggig price lower belongs to this green fork.
 Same chart below as yesterday

 Emini S&P video

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Emini S & P...... what more do you want?

See price dissected... This is the same chart as was posted post opening.

Emini S&P. Support at 1550 continued

We are at critical support and we either will see a new low around these levels of 1546 and a push higher or we are dropping lower back to the 1530's... we favour the upside.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday, 15 March 2013

USDJPY short $+JPY continued from yesterdays charts...continued. final

As the French say.... " et voila". !! Sometimes the simplist entries are the easiest and most rewarding. No scrambling my head with short/long stochastic/Macd patterns/crossovers here below USDJPY touches the downsloping black fork as seen below and mentioned in this trade setup in earlier posts and the position is closed with a more than healthy profit ( which more than double offsets a rather humiliating bad short ES M13 trade yesterday!). More opportunities abound with the black horizontal ML which will draw price back again. If you want me to show you this same pattern in EURGBP and dozens of other markets then subscribe free here
Plus: How i deal with abberations and distortions of price caused by contact expiry and what forks to use and trust and what pivots to never use with a specific example of the current emini S&P. Plus why contract expiry gaps are significant and how to use them to find market tops in formation.

USDJPY short $+JPY continued from yesterdays charts...continued

Price is clearly trying to go lower and has bounced many times on the line with ever diminishing cycles. Target is a rapid breach of the black horizontal key ML and down to 95.30...ish area with partial profits taken at 95.80 as it may bounce again and theres a mini micro gap at 96.03 which may need to be filled

USDJPY short $+JPY continued from yesterdays charts

Objective the thick black ML at 95.80. Original stop shown with magenta arrow at 96.28

Thursday, 14 March 2013

USDJPY and Cable plus ES M13..... a rigged game??

remember I told you we are forming a new high around this historic ML?? What do you think now and what opportunities have you missed???

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

emini S&P ES H13... plus USDJPY ML.. USDJPY makes a top

This could be the end of this run up at least? We finally have a CL touch on this major Andrews fork

USDJPY Remember what I said on the price behaviour around the black horizontal ML yesterday?

Monday, 11 March 2013

Short USDJPY and long USDX reaction line

I will be posting a detailed video on my revamped educational site this week as what i want to show you is how I have observed tops form around historical ML's. In the case of USDJPY we see an initial zoom through then a return to the black horizontal line at 95.80 then a bounce and so on until a pentration under the supporting line occours in the case of a retracement. I am not saying that USDJPY is going either way what I am saying is that there will be a period of oscillation around the black line which will include moves above and below the line. The idea is to trade this effect.

Below USDX ( link)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Emini S &P.. inverted head and shoulders....another push Tuesday?

 Do YOU see the pattern?I remember another rude pattern name for this but the bottom line is it looks bona fide and should/could push to new highs v soon