Friday, 31 October 2014

Forking Interesting n'est pas?.....Forks of interest

Ok, We are seeing perhaps the last fumes of the equity bull market with perhaps another 1-3 months to go
( its a classic short squeeze) and a divergence of asset prices. Commodities such as grains, metals and prec metals and some soft are falling fast and have far to go and stocks and the USD are on steroids.Check out our enhanced projections and watch price dance on our historical median lines. With these free charts you can eaily find support and resistance levels which in strong trending markets offer optimum entry points..........
Its entirely another thing if the CAC 40 futs should be trading at 4224 after consecutive quarters of zero growth... you have to live here in France to understand how little wealth creation is apparent. The divergence of the real economy and of asset prices is awe inspiring!!! Trade with this trend in equities but i am of the opinion we may be getting near the top. Are we making higher highs in the european indices? No we are not and forget the US indices for a moment and ask and how many juicy gaps are left below us to fill..Check out the DAX

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Equity Markets and big Pitch Forks

Nothing has changed since my previous post of early March this year except we have made a top. Now we can expect to see a serious retracement but just look how long the top took to form in the DAX with the huge forks CL (P0 being the first days trading back in the early 90's)? The best part of 6 months so after the initial drop we will see increased volatility and wild whipsaw swings with long range bars. The objective in the DAX is 7300 for the downsloping forks CL