Thursday, 12 November 2015

Wheat, Gold and GBPUSD

Wheat is in a grinding sideways range and this presents some range trading opportunties.Look at the black lower median line parallel in these screen shots:
This is so you can see the fork ABC
 Look how this is a tried and tested line that supports price
 If we go through lower here the next objective is 475

 OK, Heres Gold and the recent collapse: Can you see where the FNL PF is supporting price today?
 Lastly, Here's cable and a beautiful set of RL's

Monday, 9 November 2015

Gold, Sugar #11, EURGBP & long term EURUSD

Here's an update and a few excerpts from the monthly technical market report. There are some interesting questions concerning the ongoing equity bull market and recent rally, The ongoing strength of the US dollar and the commodity price cycle. All of these medium to long term charts indicate possible "tells". We are not trying to pick market bottoms-"people who pick bottoms get dirty fingers" ....however we are looking for indications of trend continuation/exhaustion/congestion etc.
: Please read background to giant ML PF's here