Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Cocoa and Sugar and Soybeans

These charts are shown here to illustrate one viable trade setup and the potential formation of a long term low pivot in the case of Sugar and the Cocoa illustrates another high probability trading concept related to my personal theory concerning horizontal ML's and RL's and my empirical study and periodicity viz a viz time frame. Please see previous posts on horizontal median/reaction line theory and also this page

Cocoa and simple horizontal line effect. The theory is that organic horizontal ML/RL's have a higher probability of supporting/resisting price and absorb more energy than lines at an determined angle.


 First the break out
 The mauve line is an arbitrary MPL. If given enough time i could find the originating PF and or RL that this is derived from
 The retracement. Will we move higher
 Inserted FNL PF ( in blue)- see previous posts "deconstructing a swing using the FNL PF"
 FNL PF in blue reveals prices initial destination!

Due to favourable crop conditions US crop "scouts" have reported a potentially bountiful US crop plus also on fears of Chinese economic contraction and decreasing Chinese imports.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Emini S&P, Mini Dow and NQ

This looks exceptionally unhealthy price action in the emini S&P and emini Dow. This is a classic ML failure and subsequent price reversal. Clients have Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa and the soya crush complex and the grain report to come at 1600 EST:

Its a miss
 Below the Dow is a kiss on the ML