Friday, 28 February 2014

Equities: YM, ES, TF, NQ & DAX...todays the day for a shake out...Lower we go

If its going lower then bar counts and price action points to today as a big day. Last day of the month, economic data due and a feeling that which ever way it goes it's going to be a large move and I remain bearish for the reasons I have stated before re current price action and the DAX megaforks centre lines etc. If not lower we could see more upside but as lonely as us bears are at the moment i still stick to my daily chart view below on the DAX and look to fill the shadow/wick of yesterdays candle. The battle has been raging this morning for 9600 DAX and looks like a fail after repeated attempts. Still inclined to trade from the long side but flat until WS opens.

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