Saturday, 6 April 2013

Emini S&P after the NFP's data -weekend

Here's what we have been looking for a bounce off the LMLP of the pitchfork seen in all the previous videos and blog posts. A long position bang on the line with the added security of a reaction line seen in the bottom two charts has given us 14 big point of profit on the retest of  1549-1550 and are now flat before the friday close. I suspect it is not going to be plain sailing and the move up from the line is riddled with microgaps ( see 1min TF) such as at 1536 plus one in the 5min TF at 1539 so I expect a RT and an eventual restest of the ML we have bounced off. see previous post/free video

 reaction line seen below rising along LMLP in steel blue

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