Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Emini S &P, Reaction+Median Line trade-setup combo pattern.....It occurs over and over again

Heres the diagramatic versions in 2 time frames. This can be used on any market in any time frame.

Heres the actual trade from yesterday: sequential screen shots of charts in both 1 and 5 min TF. The two must be used due to line location issues.Two seperate templates ( charts layouts with different & the same forks plus their RL's) were used as we were tracking more than one set of RL's. Entry is after a HL with a stop below the original LL ( 1555.50). You can finesse such a entry using the 2X+ Bline template but it is not shown here and was not used in this case. The position was closed at 1567. Remember that price distribution around any line is never perfect and exhibits different behaviours dependent on market conditions.

The above description is is simplified not least for the constraints of my time but the rules of entry are clearly laid out on our subscribers site and easily understood both visually and with our PDF text file and private subscribers videos. This may appear to be a contratrend trade but it is not and this pattern and the inverse  for a rising market are trend following systems and they are simply designed to catch the retracement low or high in any trend up or down ...for details on how to recognise these endlessly reoccurring pattern setups subscribe here or get a flavour and more information from the free trial and try and work it out yourself!

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