Friday, 26 April 2013

E mini S&P... we have to take this pitchfork seriously now... a return to the 1550s is possible

After the touch yesterday on the blue forks UMLP ( see below) we have to expect a RT but in the context of the weekly and monthly charts previous two big tops at this level we must get through its not unlikely that we see extreme swings around this area. God forbid we have a triple top and I am not suggesting that but we may well make a big pivot before breaking out upwards later this spring/summer.
todays video: from our site:

Here is the daily chart for the second and most recent top at this level in 2007:

and heres the daily chart for the first top in 2000 at the same range/area:
here they all are in the weekly chart and our current position at the same level

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