Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Long Corn (H13) and short ES H13 ( filling the recent Fiscal Gap) plus the Russell 2000 emini (TF)and taking a closer look at Coffee (KC K13)

Long position trade at 683-00 stp 677-00
Wheat below

Emini YM H13
( Grey fork P0-12871 2/May2011,P1-10327 4 sep 11,P2 13650 14 Sep 2012)
  and ES below ( showing short swing trade position)

 Coffee. oversold and due to bounce? The last ICO report and current fundamentals simply dont add up to me
One Andrews fork and one FNL fork.
FNL reaction lines added
The detail

Lastly, Emini Russell 2000
look at the dark grey historical Mod Schiff fork with a horizontal attitude.

Heres the dark grey UMLP

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