Friday, 11 January 2013

Gold: price behaviour 'kisses' the line..+ USDA stocks data ~Corn pops 20 Cents

Sometimes when price is moving in a range and neither possesses the energy/sentiment to break either way you get a sharp rally ( or decline) towards the dominant current Andrews centre line. Gold showed a classic example of this behaviour during yesterdays session. Lets take a closer look. The recent low is in fact made up of a double bottom as can be seen below.

You can see the first low and then the arc of price making a second lower low.  I use both these lows but ML law as per Andrews dictates that the CL forks P0 is officially the lowest low and price must touch/ pierce that line OTHERWISE ITS A FAILURE AND WILL REVERSE IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION at a speed that can be fast or slow or variable. The very slight difference in these two lows gives us the relationship expressed between two sets each of 3 pivots. Heres another example from last year:
Observe price action sharply rallying ( as we have observed characteristically many times in this range) and heading towards the two line locations. True Andrews in thick black and the lessor low in thin black.
 Same forks but this time in blue and the RL's are not from these forks but are FNL fork reaction lines and always show the best correlations with price.FNL forks simply deconstruct a swing into wave components
  Here is another template that shows a long term historic ML's reaction line that has shown great effect already on the rather dipsy price behaviour we have seen recently. The first 'kiss' on the lesser forks centre line is seen below
The we experienced a spike in price on the US opening today:Look at the correlation so far on the three templates already used above.....

and look here at the line location and how it changes as we drop down from 60 mins to the  lower time frame

Corn as per my previous post this week on + QBC H12 :LINK 
and look below at how I have ascertained the true location of the red thick horizontal reaction line although it moves (as explained per previous post) and used it as stop protection for my long position taken midweek.

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