Friday, 4 January 2013

GOLD, Loosing it's shine? $1200 bucks beckons for 2013!!

Jim Rickards...  Gold to 16,000 bucks & a return to the gold standard? Should this man be certified (medically speaking?) and who keeps giving these people a continious platform to expound such continious and consistant nonsense? ( Answer: CNBC)

 On a more serious note take a look at the charts below:
1. look at the monthly chart and topping out pattern
2. Recent price behaviour since the all time high
3. The current indicator patterns of the ribbons ( short stochastics) which are in 'waterfall' mode.
4.The use of contrary sentiment.
Please view the background to my arguement here

This fork simply expresses the relationship of the three pivots it is derived from. It's reaction lines are also an expression of that frequency. This is one of the most important forks as they are three of the most critical pivots

 Look at the difference between the location of the recent high pivot. In the chart above it appears above the black LMLP and yet when we drop doen to any lower time frame it's a perfect retouch on the underside of the black lower median line parallel.
 and in more detail below
 Another template study reveals more organic support and resistance.
 yet again the scaling reveals line locations change as do (obviously) the angles of each and every line.


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