Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Gold...classic CL failure.....Aus der traum mein Herren?...

The dream is over for Gold? This looks pretty serious!!
With reference to Gold please see below this famous caption from Winter 1944 in the Ardennes! ( and how wrong they were!)

Slaughter in the EURUSD..What an absolute nightmare today.. I cut my short loss and then had a meeting out of the office mid afternoon and missed the action and had cut my short.....Now we are going back to just below 1.3300 at 1.3290..perhaps lower. A proper post on this pair to come/follow plus what i am/will be looking for for a possible - entry.

SELL March Soybeans at 1316-00 or higher with a stop at 1318-00 This is a major reveral area. Look at the MACD and Stochs..B-line & ribbons....this market is way overbrought and needs a 20 to 40 cent correction back to 1280-00

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