Sunday, 12 February 2012

EURUSD...So good ive posted this for thought? Where is the true location of any line?

If I had known about this anomaly (on the same simple chart displayed both below in log
and arithmetic scales on the 18th January) I would have made a serious position trade here. I have seen this phenomenon many times before and it begs the question.. where is the true location of any linear object within a chart and even more important the raltion of one or more lines to each a Median line set where there is a defined mathematical relationship between each of the lines in the fork. This fact is revealed when you remove the fork as a mathematical entity from the chart and replace it with superimposed simple trend lines. Try this yourself. ( Remember i have always used arith charts and still work in them 99% of the time but always hit the log button and then the % scale button to view the different locations that are displayed).

Simple normal (arithmetic) scaling:

The same chart below but with a log scale

The above two charts were posted last week but here is a link to the very basic mathermatics we are considering.....This Esignal version 10.6 has three options. Arithemetic/Log ( full log not semi log) and then percentage .below is as of today Sunday 12 February 2012 and shows both sets of lines in the arith scale but the thinner green lines are the logarithmic locations.

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