Wednesday, 8 February 2012

EURUSD & Corn March12

The euro has continually failed to break out after its stellar rise but its got ahead of itself and the continuing uncertainty of fundamentals leads me to think we may see a retracement below 1.3200 or a powerful move up over 1.3285.....

Corn is another matter: It simply is range bound and makes for some great trades if you get them( entries) right

Below the daily ( Arith)

Below the log scale reveals reaction lines constraining the range

Below the March contract (CFD)

Another template below

And yet another below, but they all have downsloping reaction lines of value over 85D

Is this a fully blown move back to below 600 or is this a retracement before an continuation move back up over 650? I do not know but both Wheat and beans look tired Heres march wheat below:

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