Thursday, 1 December 2011

EURUSD...I'm confused & flat ( literally)

Apart from some distant buy stops above 1.35 i am flat and staying out today. Yes, i was short at 1.3310 when the central bank/Fed announcment came out yesterday and yes, i was stopped out at 1.3335 and yes my stop was not filled at the price (1.3325) but it was not more than 25 basis point loss- a car crash stop - i always use one . But it's perhaps my pride that is wounded more than anything. I am also watching the DAX as we have a potential failure and as i write EurUsd is making very heavy weather of 1.3500 and has just dropped 30 points after the 1st reaction line in this fork proved too much for price. Perhaps this is just not going to make the difference i thought it was. Maybe we are going back towards 1.34?? Its looking a distinct possibility now we have a lower high and a lower low

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