Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Sugar (Mch 16) & emini S&P, Nasdaq and Dow.

Here is the same median line drawn in all three markets of the same pivots: ES,NQ & DJ. The upsloping PF shows the first full 100% RL- bang on where we are today and falling away from. Please note the gap to be filled below ( shown in thick fushia pink).
Sugar, Another of the softs that are oversold technically and it is my belief we are seeing a slow change and the begining of a new commodity cycle. While Wheat /carn and beans remain disppointing we have other softs and non ferrous metals starting to bottom...but expect to see sharp moves to the downside before any part of a long term directional change in bias- perhaps late Spring/summer. Nothing to be had yet except short term trades such as Sugar & expect that to retest $Cents/lb 12.50 area ..See previous sugar posts: http://medianlinetrader.blogspot.fr/2015/10/sugar-11-h16-big-picture.html and the major support around the long term LMLP seen below in the montly chart at around 11.00-11.50
Other trends to watch are EURGBP & GBPJPY and the precious metals complex (Au/Ag/Pl/Pa) and on our radar is also the energy complex and of intestest NF Metals: Cu.Al, Ni et al. & watching capital out flows from the equity mkts..

Equity mini's below:

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