Thursday, 4 February 2016

Gold continued and the grains and soya complex, Sugar and others

Setups abound.. big yet subtle changes are afoot and just when you think you will never stop hearing the press banging on about the slump in commodity prices the technical signs all present a slow and steady bottoming process. Wheat and the soybeans and to some extent corn are all looking oversold and technically ripe. Just pull up the 10,15 or 25 year charts and forget looking at the daily charts and get some context. Cocoa is a peach at the moment for a long. Sugar is due to retrace upto 100% and s/b ripe in 3 months or before at 11.25, 11.75 or nearer at 12.45. The USDX looks like there are serious topping out indications. Entries are never easy but our valued subscribers have had more bang for their buck in 2016 so far than in all last year. Gold being just one example that has been posted here in the recent postings as was several entries into short equites.The short S &P positons however remain of dubious long term quality and we expect no easy ride in equities and indeed see a bounce due. For the rest of the agri, non ferrous and prec metals and energy sectors we see great scope. We intend to publish a PDF screen shot weekly of our positions. These are available free from

Cocoa and horizontal setups

 The controlling "seed swing" germinates on the centre ML as a big "W" dubbya formation before a break up  in mid 2015 to the UMLP and 100% RT. The continious futures chart has distorted the low blue pivot- hence both lines are relevent-blue and green- as will be seen and has been seen on the blue touch already...expect to see this low tested and support in the area shaded pink
 Pink/magenta area should be watched for long entry
 In detail

 Gold (see previous post)
 Soybeans: break out ...
Wheat.. again a break up should be coming. Look at supp and res from long term ML and RL's

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