Monday, 18 June 2012

Short Emini S&P..My setup

This is my trade form this morning. I have just taken this position based on three/four factors.
1. Gap(tiny gap at 1337.00 to 1337.25 form this morning sell off)
2. The downsloping CL from current low TF fork ( all pivots are form after Asain gap up)
3. The reaction line

The trade objective is twofold with a incremental CFD position of .8 lot .. A swing trade of 2 -3 days plus to see a retest of 1300 and a intraday trade with an objective of 1317 to the centre line of the new downsloping fork. Entry method was the above plus indicator entry using the short stochastic ribbons ( 15 min) & B-line stochastic + MACD+BB to catch the first retracement of a new trend.

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