Tuesday, 26 June 2012

EURUSD & S&P U12... Fork management...which pivot to use?

Usually it's a pretty simple operation to draw a classic Andrews PF. You choose the 3 significant highs and lows that describe a swing. However, here's a conundrum.Below is a simple chart of the current emini S&P (U12). There are a choice of various pivots and due to the structure/construction of the recent high there are two (possibly three) pivots to choose from...B & D. If we choose B then we have no centre line touch yet on the black fork. If we choose the lower high D then we have a perfect fit with the blue fork. If we choose pivot 'A Gap high' then we also have a snug fit both along the upper green MLP/MLH and the centre line.

Which to choose? My answer is all three and here is why ... The reaction and median lines on all three are valid and all three forks are 'in play'. The green Gap fork is the one providing the current support that price is using as a ladder to climb higher (albeit slowly).
However my question is about Andrews rule concerning the centre line.This still constitutes an as yet untouched centre line but due to the construction of the 'roof' /high pivots I am not worried about any reversal and will wait for price to return lower and eventually touch the black centre line.

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