Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Multiple historic PF trading... simple fork

Here are two simple Andrews forks in the EURUSD monthly TF. Part of my trading approach is to give each important monthly/weekly/daily pivot a value which is done using a formula. This is simply to only draw forks that will have the most profound effect on price. This actually depends on more than just the total pivot value for each fork but also variables such as the eventual angle of the fork and reaction lines. In this shot the black fork is rising/up sloping at about 8 degrees above the horizontal and it's reaction lines are shown to effective. The second shot is
EURUSD 15 min and shows the resistance offered by the same black CL which is almost horizontal in this TF - horizontal lines offer the most effective resistance.
Outlook? A break and daily close above this line would mean we are set for another important line at 1.3100but a fail here would mean a return tothe mid to low 1.20's
Here's the weekly of the same chart below showing the D/S reaction line:

My 'Multiple PF' maps have somewhere between 10-15 historical forks( M,W & D) and approx 5 intraday 240 and lower TF 'local' forks plus a reaction line grid/fork off the daily/weekly controlling swings. Here below is a fully completed spot Gold (CFD) chart showing just ( in this case) one or two ML's in green and blue) the rest are all reaction lines plus there are Bolly bands. Onto this I load a indicator template or use a seperate platform.

Will price hold at the 1650$ area on the reaction/Median lines seen here? Can you see the correlation with price/ reaction lines and the symmetry of the lines viz a viz price behaviour?

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