Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hand drawn charts EurUsd back to 1975

This is one of my long term hand drawn A3 sized charts off the office wall. monthly euro$ with data going back to 1975 (when i was a 13yr old!) Remember that EuroUsd used to be called the ECU / the European currecny unit. Please understand these are not my charts that i have kept updated since 1975 but 2011 CRB edition with my forks and reaction line studies added by hand and this years monthly bars added by hand!

If you have a platform that allows you to please draw this fork:approx values but unmissable pivots
1. 1975 .7300
2. 1979 1.15
3. 1985 .5600

Once you have done this you will end up with one of the most effective forks fork conatining price and we are still in it and it's RL's work superbly.
Below i have superimposed the values of this fork accurately onto my monthly daily and 240 min eurusd MT4 chart. The CL is visible only in the daily and 240 min but the line was touched perfectly in early July. Incidentally see how the daily chart shows a deep penetration and the 240min only a touch in the same chart? secrets indeed to understand - i had posted about this on this blog last year about the true/real position of any reaction,media,warning,trend line.

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