Friday, 29 July 2011

EurUsd cont................words of wisdom for today or my 5 centsworth::::Do not trade until you have your own system with your own rules.

Friday comes round again and I expect we will see continued Euro weakness with the next level on my list 1.4185 where lies the green CL ( not shown here but on this link)

Below we see the failure to reach the balck CL in the 4hr chart but the support offered by the blue ML ( see yesterdays post)...which way will it go..back up for a second attempt at the blue CL or down.? I do not care but once directional movement is confirmed i want a piece of it.,

UPDATE 1300 pre US opening:
Euro time Euro falls sharply. now a retouch on the white ML andthen down to the green as per my post this morning (above). Look at the short stochastic ribbons bounce downwards off the
B- line stoch in the 240 min chart (below right).

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