Thursday, 17 September 2015

Gold and Wheat ( Z15)

Please read previous posts for background to these charts. If i get more time I will post sugar and cocoa plus SPOO's and NQ's.
FNL PF and RL's with gold
The power of the horizontal FNL PF
 Wheat ( Dec). This is what i call an "unorthadox PF" but it reflects frequency of price with the RL's

 Here below price tocuhes the red reaction line & bounces
If i get more time I will publish excerpts of my current technical article published on why i think the global commodity cycle slump is over and why we are seeing in many markets the sound yet slow formation of a low pivots/bottoms. Certainly this is apparent & possible in Sugar, Cocoa, Wheat, soya complex and corn and will take months- coffee still looks weak as do some others but i make a strong technical case.

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