Sunday, 12 July 2015

The anatomy of a reaction line using Crude oil + Sugar - we ask: "Has the fat lady finally sung" ?

Regarding the sugar market we have had our attention drawn by a historical median line and pitchfork as seen below. It has indisputable frequency and past correlation with price action as indicated by the arrows round its structure. Regardless of the current price bias to the downside its is highly probable this line will cause price to react and there is also a probability of a new pivot being formed here. This sugar chart is similar to the AUDUSD example I have used to demonstrate the same principle. I am unsure about whether to expect a retouch and retest.

Anatomy of a Reaction Line. CL Q15

The annotations and commentary will be added when i have the time but it should be self evident. The skill using these trading techniques is to understand and interpret what you are actually seeing viz a viz scaling and line location and the angle and position of any RL  which varies in each time frame. Failing to do this correctly will leave you with a chart that demonstrates little correlation between line structure and price action. This is the fruit of nearly 10 years research & in my opinion cannot and should not  be underestimated.Please remember all lines are drawn by the custom indicator with the exception of manually inserted solid thin red overlaid lines.

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