Thursday, 29 January 2015

Emini S & P plus DAX.........ready for a change of direction. Serious problems for the bulls.

UPDATE: Short term centre line touched at 1982.00 (ES H15)

Here be Dragons!

I do not post as frequently as i sued to as i am occupied with my small band of faithfull subscribers but this market is screaming loudly that it is about to break out and the odds are that this means lower. I want to draw your attention to the charts of the emini S&P futures below. This is a simple multiple Andrews pitchfork + reaction line study and shows price being channelled along the downsloping reaction lines (seen in brick red). All lines are drawn by automated PF & RL indicator and are thus unable to be moved. Because of the issues of scale you will see them manually overlaid in thick or thin red unbroken lines. This conforms to my theory of line location ( the location of any line is slightly different in each time frame )...hence you can build the matrix that price has and will soon encounter.

 Below a DAX futures study

Finally, Heres the EURUSD ( pls refer to my previous post) and the subs team real micro public account position (1R) of our long on the massive historical median line lower parallel as seen in the previous post.
We may well dip down to revisit/retouch this line again and may or maynot pass below it but we remain long. For free daily ST & MT setups please

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