Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The DAX . Are we near the climax? Plus the Spoos

 I warned all subscribers on 20th Jan  that this is highly probably the top:

here's todays comment:

 Heres what i published on 15th Jan below

These are the big daddy's Pitch forks/median lines that can be drawn on the DAX. I suggest you draw them yourself and see what you think. We still have to reach the black centre line & are not far off and it appears we are running on fumes to get there having now made a HH but one more push and then i suggest we could then see a similar topping pattern & even though the fundamentals particularly for Germany are promising the overall outlook in Europe is mixed. As someone who lives in France I should know and I wont even start writing on that divisive subject. Instead I want you to observe the different line locations in each and every time frame and notice the difference. If you are shrewd you will be able to realise the limitations of our data presentation systems such as a 2 D bars and candles, Price Vs time etc and will be able to not only see market structure but use this simple example to your profit.If you cant make sense of it or what I am on about check out our site Below under these simple DAX forks is a more complicated Spoos example.
Infact the situation isnt simple as these lines have different locations in each time frame.

Heres the emini S &P and another historic reaction + pitchfork study.Its a very different picture with a singular lack of higher highs. The reaction lines are drawn by auto indicator. I have gone over them with manual trend lines and you will see the thicker lines are manually inserted. Look at how they define the range.. supp + res etc.

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