Tuesday, 18 June 2013

USDX and Emini S &P plus free post Wall st opening video

Will the US Dollar index ( ICE US) hold here? It appears to be bumping along the organic support offered by the plethora of LMLP's seen below and the reaction lines: This is the same chart I have been publishing for months and can be seen in the link here and in multiple previous posts. A break above the twin band of reaction lines ( thin red) will be bullish for the short term.

The emini S & P appears range bound and makes very heavy work of the 1640's with critical resistance from multiple ML's/RL's obstructing further upside gains. I am publishing the Sept YM chart as it clearly shows this current scenario (with the solid brick red down sloping reaction line from a weekly PF) better than either June or Sept ES. Jne ES is shown at the bottom. A break above 1650 may well come from data releases
 (CPI) or indeed tomorrows Fed news.
Check out this video showing crucial live reaction line analysis http://youtu.be/Ccnyi805fFc

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