Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bond, ES Z12 and EURUSD plus USDX

 A nice pop in the US T Bonds shows that the Bonds still have some life in them.
  Heres a more detailed charts showing high time frame forks and reaction lines.

E mini S&P ( Dec 2012)

Here is the more complicated picture below showing RL's (red) and long term historic ML's in black. ( short term ML's in green). Support on this big black ML at 1427 but this looks like we will see all of the QE3 gains evaporate over the coming days/weeks perhaps 1421 now beckons and even a test on 1400. I wish it wasnt so after such a great recent leg up and so many good opportunities. Now I am stumped( puzzled) by the charts and can see only weakness. This wasnt helped by the expiration of Sep ES last week for obvious reasons.Here is todays bounce off the .618 Fib RT
Below: The DX has found good support and made a HL

80.30 looks like resistance.
Below is EURUSD

here is the 5 min chart...see the effect of the upsloping RL at the blue ML?...2 touches perhaps mpore and perhaps the birth of a new pivot?

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