Monday, 31 October 2011

Gold, Dax, EURUSD

My objective ( short term)for EURUSD is the thick blue line

Gold trade failed but we had given it a fair chance and it ended up as a b/e trade rather than grasping at samll profits. However i suugest that price will continue sideways and the thin blue ML seems to be holding/supporting price and this is one line i will watch with interest. price is being chanelled along between two ML's (Agri value BC/67.4D and BB 81.7D) plus around the thick reaction line(AB 87.4/M).... perhaps a break in one or other direction tomorrow?

Dax to fill the gap? We were stopped out at b/e but it still looks likely and its always timing (rather than having the right idea) that makes a trade a success.

The market that i missed opportunities in today? EURGBP

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