Drawing on many years of experience we offer a commodity consultancy service for agricultural commodities such as Wheat, Corn, Sugar, Soybeans & edible oils for bulk orders Facilitating direct and transparent contact between the buyer and end seller/producer.
Including GMO and NON GMO crops with shipping and freight at highly competative prices
our network of contacts includes cooperatives,mills and trading companies based in South America and the USA.
With a proven track record our service enables us to offer the buyer direct acces to the most competative CIF or FOB prices and deal directly with the end seller. We take pride in our professional ability to guide our buyers towards the best possible source and seek assurances from the seller prior to formal introduction over the price per MT, the CIF port destination, quantity and quality and all relevants specifications.
With our consultancy based in France, Spain and the UK and speaking fluent English, French and Spanish we are committed to help our client make profitable and prudent choices and decisions for both short and long term contracts.
Our network of end sellers ship worldwide to all major port destinations.COA available.
While offering a discreet,professional and dynamic service we simply ask to be judged on the final result: Competitive pricing and a transparent and seamless contract procedure process  conducted with highly professional sellers to whom we are direct. To successfully facilitate a deal the intermediary must know when to stand back and allow direct contact between both primary parties. Physical commodity trading is a documented analogue process with no digital instant execution (as availible in the futures markets) and both buyer and seller must proceed with complete confidence in each others ability to forfill their obligations. It is for this reason we perform due diligence on all enquiries and ask for a documentary expression of interest such as an LOI in addition to background information on the buyer (see below).
We expect all intermediaries to uphold the higest professional standards and integrity.
Our sellers procedures are non negotiable.

 For further price details,specs, sellers procedure & enquiries on our current offers for uptill the end of January 2017 please send initial enquiry with
1. Mandates full contact information.
2. Buyers information and Corporate profile.
3.Commodity & detailed spec required,order quantity,CIF destination and target price.

Please note: all documentation must be issued by end buyer in name of seller. Under no circumstances can any document be accepted that is issued by intermediaries on behalf of buyers.

Current Offers (Prices as of Jan 2017)

Non Ferrous Metals

CIF Copper Cathodes, NON LME. 99.99%
Origin: Africa (DRC/Zambia)
100 to 5000 MT per month. Trial of 25-50 MT accepted.
LME-14% CIF Europe. Net
This trusted international seller offers payment at Port of destination against SGS by DLC. For payment with BG then 2% PB offered.

EX Works Steinweg Copper Cathodes: Non LME 99.99%
Origin: Africa (DRC/Zambia)
300 -2000 MT per month
LME-12% Ex Works. Net
Steinweg Bridge Shipping Warehouse, Dar Es Salaam. Tanzania.

Ex Works Steinweg Copper Cathodes: Non LME 99.99%
Origin: Africa (DRC/Zambia)
300 -2000 MT per month
LME-13% Ex Works. Net
Steinweg Warehouse,Ndola. Zambia

Ex Works Steinweg Copper Cathodes: Non LME 99.99%
Origin: Africa (DRC/Zambia)
300 -2000 MT per month
LME-9% Ex Works. Net
Steinweg Warehouse,Durban. South Africa.
The above Steinweg prices are indications only and depend on supply,logistics,quantity and other variables and LME price discounts may differ.

In 2016 we are pleased to have facilitated the sale of:

3450 MT of African cathodes Grade A non LME CIF deliveries
150 MT LME reg cathodes European warehouse (LME approved)
1100 MT of African cathodes Grade A non LME Ex works Tanzania and Zambia.

We are proud to work directly with a truely outstanding " Triple AAA+" rated copper cathode warehouse seller who has great experience in copper cathode warehouse sales and has exceptional professional ability. This mining and commodity trading company is registered in South Africa.

Copper: We have multiple copper cathode offers with different procedure/ payment terms and incoterms. Some spot warehouse offers are periodically available from same seller that require no LC/BG: simply "Test 'n Pay".
All sellers have past performance. For trusted international suppliers for African cathodes: Please enquire

For further details please contact:  

Corner Of Shame:

 Never give somebody the opportunity to waste your time twice

Those companies listed here all know why and all have failed on a fundamental basic level to act in a professional manner (and usually in breach of contract).

 Diamond Trade,China. .Mudanjiang Branch of Suifenhe Diamond Economic Trade Co. Ltd.
G-REMS Korea. Also trading as Agri Enviroment Trade International Korea

New Awareness Consultancy Seminar Services, Singapore.or NACSS.Mr Javid.

PROTEUX Global Energy. USA Mario Gusatella.

Lion Metals New Jersey. Roberet Blum and Mr S Driscoll

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