Friday, 11 November 2016

Comex Copper ( Dec 16)..Plus Emini Dow ( DJ Z16)

There are alot of things i could say about the US elections but the simple satisfaction of winning a bet ( Re Trump Vs Clinton) with my wife will suffice. This comes on top of Brexit in June.... it's just a shame i am not a betting man ! The " Holy Trinity" will be completed when the third happens -Boris Johnson becomes PM. With this last one we must remember the maxim: "Softly,softly catchy monkey". I only hope i am around to see it.
On a serious note we have seen some superb price action in the Dow. Of course we now are seeing new all time highs but what is impressive is these simplePF's.... Mind the Gap!!

 Copper: Basic two ML study with RL's inserted by auto indicator: remember my work on horizontal organic support and resistance?

 The setup
Here is the one hour chart. There are many possible paths for price but we are interested in getting a long position after price has found support on the organic sup/res offered by historical ML's. The fat black ML is seen here at just above 246.00... expect a dip below as price is fluid mechanically. A nice relatively tight stop can be used but timing is critical and our advanced study template has much more market structure revealed with some 27 PF since 2002! Price may retrace to 235 area in which case we will also pick up a few longs there. ( which is a .618 Fib level).... remember " fools rush in where angels fear to tread"... wait and watch and let time progress. we need more bars and price ation before this takes off and we may move sideways in cosolidation range for weeks. Remember that this is only a 2 PF study and please read my work and empircal study on horizontal MLs and reaction lines.

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