Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Emini S & P & Dow & $SPX: This is unbearable, untradable and best left to scalpers....but are we seeing the formation of a lower low?

 I thought i would just explain to everyone outside my subscribers that I am bitterly disappointed with current price behaviour. We can all see that price is in a short term down trend being ground slowly lower but yet still has the ascending  pattern intact. However watching these US makets is almost worse than having a tooth pulled out. I am not going to even start pontificating on the politics behind the current issues which I believe is best left to a domestic US audience. The fact remains that we are still at critical levels as per the chart below and my previous post and as we seem to be unable to make significant progress lower towards the centre line of the down sloping black fork seen in the first two charts.:

Keeping it simple:

Here below Pitch Fork D-E-C shares the same LMLP as A-B-C

Adding the reaction lines and detail:


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