Tuesday, 24 September 2013

E mini S & P...anatomy of a low pivot


Remember you saw it here first......Long entry? My point is that this technique reveals entry levels and natural stop levels and shows you more of the price matrix than any other TA. For a 5 min explanation of these lines watch video

UPDATE: Here is the outcome below. It just proves my view that 1. Price can never be second guessed. 2. Whatever seems improbable is possible and more often than not...more probable.The classic level for any stop would have to be below the grey horizontal ML + with a small margin for bad luck depending on how deep your pockets are and the overall trade plan plus trade objective etc... This lower low is called "Sod's Law" when you get stopped out but have made the right call but happens to us all at various times.
What we have seen here we can only explain by using these three lines although they represent a fraction of the structure they are enough to deduce with clarity that.....
1. Price has found support on the grey historic horizontal ML.
2. Price failed on it's first attempt to break out above the downsloping reaction line.
3. Price fell and was supported by both the grey ML and the uplsoping reaction line and perhaps some structure unseen here in this study which then propelled price up higher to make a higher high and back towards 1700 (ESZ13) BUT not before making a lower low!
This wedge pattern with a combo of RL's and ML's is a listed trade setup in our combo retracment

and another view of the same template ( different to above) seen this morning in the video.

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