Thursday, 22 August 2013

E mini S & P + USDX US Dollar Index has made a new pivot

The emini S & P has a bit of a jump in it's step. I identified two mini pitchforks where it shows a positive intention to not touch its centre line so watch out for a push upwards
 Here is the USDX with yesterdays Fed minutes factored into recent price action.
 This is my reaction line chart from PF's drawn only in the the weekly/monthly time frame. Its picked more winners than Simon Cowell...and it hasn't been adjusted/tweaked since last year and is a chart study that keeps on giving. All the reaction lines are drawn by hand the hard way but are accurate to a extremely high degree. However the reaction lines do not appear when you drop down to a low time frame below( as in the 30 min chart above) . This is the same for all charting platforms (my experience is MT4, MT5, Esignal, Ensign Windows, DTN ProphetX/,NinjaTrader and perhaps a few others i tried years ago for less than 2 weeks which i can't remember but remember i specifically use line tools such as the Andrews PF and also need to get a custom idicator written for the reaction lines ( if poss) so other trading platforms without these basic tools are not in my sphere of interest even though as a pure trading platform they maybe infinetly superior such as Tradestation, CQG etc) as the pivots do not exist but you can insert them manually buy drawing over the line in the daily or 240 min TF.
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