Friday, 15 March 2013

USDJPY short $+JPY continued from yesterdays charts...continued. final

As the French say.... " et voila". !! Sometimes the simplist entries are the easiest and most rewarding. No scrambling my head with short/long stochastic/Macd patterns/crossovers here below USDJPY touches the downsloping black fork as seen below and mentioned in this trade setup in earlier posts and the position is closed with a more than healthy profit ( which more than double offsets a rather humiliating bad short ES M13 trade yesterday!). More opportunities abound with the black horizontal ML which will draw price back again. If you want me to show you this same pattern in EURGBP and dozens of other markets then subscribe free here
Plus: How i deal with abberations and distortions of price caused by contact expiry and what forks to use and trust and what pivots to never use with a specific example of the current emini S&P. Plus why contract expiry gaps are significant and how to use them to find market tops in formation.

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