Thursday, 29 March 2012

Coffee(K12) & Gold + EurUsd

Coffee's classic failure to make a HH with a Triple tops!! (Always better than double tops) and the near 100% RT at the time of posting

Gold- Nothing more to add on this subject after recent posts but its going lower -but perhaps a new pivot here and a 20 buck push up which is where a short may present itself.

EURUSD...the worm has turned and we are now heading lower and if you look at the 240 min chart there is a stunning fork/CL objective at 1.3225 and 1.3200... so in my opinion lower we go for the time being but my eyes are firmly on tomorrows London session and support at 1.3198 where i maybe tempted into a intraday long position if all the cards line up correctly.

Tomorrow I may reveal my superb Natural Gas chart and a perfect setup for catching the first RT of a trend reversal that i expect to seein the area of 2.05 ( May12) and the combination Reaction line bar count from this swing that give us the confluence not only in price but with time

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